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Party Train & Soft Play Hire
Hire of Party Train, Soft Play Set, Roller Coaster & Parachute
Terms & Conditions

(In these terms and conditions the word EQUIPMENT is used to describe the Party Train,
Thomas the Tank Engine, Roller Coaster, Soft Play Sets and Parachute)

The instructions printed on this form are here to help your children have a fun time, and ensure their safety. Please read through these terms and conditions carefully and sign at the bottom to signify that you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Party Train & Soft Play Hire does not accept any responsibility for damage or personal injury however caused whilst our equipment is under hire to you. Please use your own common sense and have a great time!

The hirer must be over the age of 18 and will be held fully liable for any damage or loss of equipment.

  • The hirer will be responsible for the safety of the equipment at all times and the people on it.
  • The hirer will be liable to pay the loss of any lost or stolen equipment.
  • The equipment must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult (over 18yrs of age).
  • No food or drink should be taken onto and no cigarettes or naked flames should be near the equipment.
  • A £100 deposit is required which is refunded on return, providing there is no damage and no cleaning of equipment necessary . Please bring a current utility bill stating your name and address or your drivers license for identification purposes.
  • The hirer is responsible for the collection from and return to Party Train & Soft Play Hire.
  • Ensure the equipment is returned to Party Train & Soft Play Hire in the condition in which it was hired on the day and time specified. Failure to return the equipment on the correct day will result in a daily late return charge of £25 per day and the non return of your £100 deposit plus the hire charge.
  • Cancellation of less than 7 days prior to event date will result in the loss of payment, except in exceptional circumstances.

Specific to Thomas the Tank Engine Party Train, Choo Choo Party Trains and/or Roller Coaster

  • Children should always wear shoes when riding on the equipment.
  • Do not allow children to place their hands, feet or any part of their body, clothing or other articles near the moving parts whilst equipment is in operation.
  • Do not allow the electrical components, motors, wiring, switches of the equipment to become wet and never wash either train with a hose.
  • Do not allow anyone to lean backwards or over the side of either the equipment which could cause the equipment to tip.
  • Only one child is allowed on equipment at any one time.
  • Assemble equipment on flat level dry ground/flooring.
  • Do not use or assemble equipment on steep slopes, near steps, stairs, wet grass, loose sand or mud.
  • Do not use equipment in water, rain, snow or on wet grass, loose sand or mud, doing so will cause premature failure of switches, motors and gears. If operated in overload conditions, such as soft deep sand, mud or rough uneven terrain, the overload circuit breaker will automatically disconnect the power. After 10 or more seconds the circuit breaker will automatically reset. However you must eliminate overdrive conditions to resume normal driving – see point 13.
  • No person or persons should interfere with ANY electrical assisted equipment unless authorised by the owner.
  • Should any of the equipment fail for any reason, all children should be removed immediately to prevent injury and the fault should be reported immediately toParty Train & Soft Play Hire on 01932 854690.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine no person’s over the age of 5yrs (20kg). This is a manufacturer’s safety guideline.
  • Thomas & Clarabell no person’s over the age of 3yrs (18kg). This is a manufacturer’s safety guideline.
  • Roller Coaster no person’s over the age of 5yrs. This is a manufacturer’s safety guideline.
  • Ensure the Roller Coaster has at least an eight foot clear run off as laid out in the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Specific to the Soft Play Sets

  • Children should remove shoes or any sharp attachments that could tear the fabric.

Specific to the Parachute

  • Do not allow children to run on the parachute as it is slick and they could fall.
  • To avoid injury do not lift a child in the parachute as it’s almost impossible to judge where the ground is.
  • Never allow a child to go on the parachute when it is floating and toss them up in the air.
  • Do not drag children around in the parachute or allow heavy objects to be placed or thrown as this will tear the material.
  • Especially important to ensure that cigarettes and naked flames are kept way from the parachute.

Party Train takes no responsibility for any injury on this equipment

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